A home environment where they can learn to manage their illnesses


Marang House supports children from 4 years old to 14 years old providing them with a home environment where they can learn to manage their illnesses.


These children suffer from serious illnesses that require constant monitoring and regular treatment at a tertiary hospital. We can accommodate up to 12 children providing them with clothes, housing, food and 24-hour medical care. However, most importantly the children are brought to the hospital each day where they receive not only training on how to manage their disease, but also traditional education as well.




Smangaliso Mthembu  Age 12

Chronic Renal Failure (Hemodialysis)


Admitted: January 14, 2013

Home Town:  Delmas, Mpumalanga


Smanga as he is fondly known at Marang House is a very sweet, subdued little boy. He misses his family very much and has only now started settling into Marang House.  Smanga loves school, especially stories, but because of his illness and being on dialysis he cannot always attend.









Karabo Mtwa websiteKarabo Mtwa  Age 13

Insulin Dependent Diabetic


Admitted: January 18, 2010

Home Town:  Daveyton, Gauteng


Karabo is a petite and cute little girl, with lots of personality, but under that tiny frame is a stick of dynamite!  Her dream is to be an actress, so she can one day be a movie star.










Senzo Dlomo websiteSenzo Dlomo  Age 10



Admitted: January 4, 2016

Home Town:  Alexander, Gauteng


Senzo has been raised by his grandmother, and is a very softhearted, respectful and self conscience boy.  He prefers to color in and do bead work, so spends more time with the girls rather than the boys. Senzo loves swimming and would swim all day if he could. 









Maigan Mogana websiteMaigen Mogana Age 10

Chronic Renal Failure (Peritoneal/Hemodiaylsis)


Admitted: January 12, 2016

Home Town:  Tshimanyane, Limpopo


Maigen is a very happy, polite and contented child who enjoys singing.  She also loves to play with the other children. She is a very responsible girl who can take good care of her medical condition.










Mathapelo Dikane websiteMathapelo Dikane Age 7

Insulin Dependent Diabetic


Admitted: January 6, 2016

Home Town:  Potchefstroom, North West


Mathapelo is a very spoilt little girl, who always wants to get her way.  She has battled to settle into  Marang House, but with time we are sure her attitude will change and she will adapt better. She loves coloring in and playing with dolls.









ZwivhuyaZwivhuya Mapholi   Age 14

Kidney Transplant


Admitted: June 19, 2014

Home Town:  Venda


Zwivhuya is an extremely bright, responsible and feisty girl. Since coming to Marang House she has blossomed into this very chatty, kind and helpful child. She started school at the Johannesburg Hospital School and is loving the school and friends; after not attending school regularly due to her illness. She hopes one day to be an Advocate. Zwivhuya received a kidney transplant on the 5th July 2016.










Octavia Masuku  Age 14

Insulin Dependent Diabetic


Admitted:  July 21, 2014


Home Town:  Brakpan, Gauteng

Octavia has not settled well into Marang House and misses home a lot. She has only really bonded with two or three of the other girls in our care.  She is very quiet and shy and lacks a lot of confidence. She loves school but tends to keep very much to herself.











Siphosethu Wezi  Age 13

Insulin Dependent Diabetic


Admitted: September 17, 2014

Home Town: Eastern Cape
Siphosethu is a very respectful and quite boy. He has settled in at Marang House, and has bonded well with all the other children. Sipho as he is fondly known has adjusted well into his new school and loves the fact that he can attend regularly. He loves playing and watching soccer.








Suzan Mathebula Age 13

Insulin Dependent Diabetic


Admitted: September 12, 2014


Home Town: Rustenburg, North West Province


Suzan is a tall and strong willed girl, with lots of personality. She enjoys helping out at the home and loves the staff. Suzan also enjoys playing with the other children and is always encouraging them to challenge her at netball which is her favorite sport.










Noxolo Dladla Age 11

Chronic Renal Failure (Hemodiaylsis)


Admitted: April 08, 2015


Home Town: Lehae, Gauteng


Noxolo is a small, fragile and very ill child. She loves being referred to as the baby of Marang House even though she is nine years old, because of this we have nicknamed her Tiny One.











Tisetso Kalishwayo Age 12

Insulin Dependent Diabetic


Admitted: April 15, 2015


Home Town: Kagitso, Gauteng


Tisetso is a very bright and confident child, who thoroughly enjoys school. Her other passion is reading and telling stories.











Vania Shibabela  Age 14

Insulin Dependent Diabetic


Admitted: March 12, 2015


Home Town: Diepsloot, Gauteng


Vania is a very happy and contented child, who loves singing and dancing. She has an amazing voice and very good rhythm. Her ultimate dream would be to perform on stage.










Katleho Kubeka  Age 10

Insulin Dependent Diabetic


Admitted: July 5, 2016


Home Town :  Randfontein, Gauteng


Katleho was extremely excited to return to school after being hospitalized for 3 months due to her poor management of her diabetes.  Katleho is a very happy, contented respectful child with a wonderful sense of humor.